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Sometimes I find life starts moving a little to fast for my feet to keep up. Everything comes rushing up and bounces around, getting all tangled and leaving me no room to focus on individual […]

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Been a While…

It seems every time I run into a big batch of work, the thing that get sacrificed is my blog… This is bad and I apologize. With shooting the World Cup of Quidditch and then […]

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Winter Morning.jpg

Winter Morning

A few days ago I strapped on all my heavy winter gear and went for a morning stroll down by the Ottawa River. I really enjoy the snow and it’s not often I get an opportunity […]

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Team Photographer

A few years ago I found out that there was such a thing as muggle Quidditch, a real world version of a sport that I had dreamed of playing since I read the first Harry […]

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Scavenger Hunt

I went downtown for a photograph challenge with my family. We were given a list of objects to find and photograph, how we went about this was up to us. I found this gorgeous bike […]

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Munny Munth

I took some shots this week for my very talented friend so she could submit some of her work to a contest. This is a Munny, a blak vinyl canvas for creating whatever takes your fancy. […]

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Managed to get out to the Tulip Festival just as the last day came around. Most of the flowers had felt the effect of the sun over the weekend but I managed to find a […]

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Apple Blossom

My new baby finally came in the mail. I got a chance to go take her for a spin and snagged a few flower shots Check out the rest on my Facebook Page Until next […]

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More Lego

Here is another installation of my wonderful Lego Adventures The rest can be viewed here: I really enjoyed this project and will hopefully be adding to it over the summer Until next time, -B

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End of Classes

So the end of school is coming up for a lot of students. I shot this for one of my portfolios. this is shot one of two for missing two weeks –B

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